Eagle Creek USB Universal Adapter

For travelers who constantly find themselves in different countries, the USB Universal Travel Adapter is essential. This grounded 3-prong adapter accommodates other 3-prong devices with an easy-to-use country slider system. It’s really easy to use and this all-in-one adapter works in more than 150 countries. Where to?

• This is a grounded adapter (meaning it has 3-prongs)
• It includes 4 ungrounded (aka 2-prong) plug configurations
• The patented all-in-one country slider system works seamlessly for connecting 2 and 3-prong devices
• Features two USB chargers to charge multiple devices at once
• The easy ID color helps identify individual adapters so you won’t forget them when you travel

*This adapter does not covert voltage.
If you need to be able to convert voltage, ask us about converters.