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Montego Bay Super Kit SR.

The Montego Bay Super Kit checks off your big ticket items for your next aquatic pursuit. The snorkel mask features a single lens design for enhanced peripheral vision, complimented by hydro-dynamic fins for maximum performance, and a self-draining and semi-dry top snorkel designed to keep water creep at bay.

• 1-Step strap adjustment system for mask and fins
• Tempered glass mask with 100% hypo-allergenic silicone double-edge face seal
• Semi-dry top snorkel with clip system to hold snorkel at ideal angle
• Semi-dry top snorkel prevents excessive water from entering tube
• Self draining purge valve snorkel with flexible PVC (non-phthalate) mouthpiece
• Hydro-dynamic fin design for maximum performance

Leader Montego Bay snorkel kit